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Hogwire Fence Installation Company Minnesota 

Hogwire fences exude style in a way that other types of fences can't come close to. Hogwire panels are framed inside wooden posts that not only look stunning but also provide great visibility to the people behind them. Let's take a look at what to consider when choosing a company to install a hogwire fence at your home in Minnesota.

Choosing a Hogwire Fence Installation Contractor

Hogwire fences have become an extremely popular design in recent years  by homeowners here in Minnesota. And, with the prices of all fences rising year after year, it is important to pick a company that utilizes the latest technology when installing a hogwire fence to guarantee it will last more than just 10 years. Ridgeline Fence and Deck installs steel posts covered in cedar to make sure your fence posts will not rot, which is the most common reason wood and hogwire fences need replacing. In addition, we use screws instead of nails because nails will pull apart from the boards as temperature and humidity levels change throughout the seasons. This is most prevalent in northern states like Minnesota because of the drastically different seasons we are blessed with throughout the year. 



Pricing of Hogwire
Fences MN

Ridgeline Fence and Deck installs hogwire fences 4ft and 5ft high with hogwire panels framed inside steel posts and trimmed in cedar. In general, our hogwire fences have similar pricing as our horizontal design and vinyl fences. If you would like to get a quote right now to preview a rough cost on installing a hogwire fence in your yard, click here.

Hogwire Fence Installation Company Near You Minnesota

Durability of Hogwire Fences in MN

Hogwire fence designs are ideal for anyone who wants both privacy and a beautiful plea in their backyard oasis. So if you're looking for something stylish yet practical, the hogwire fence may be for you! 

There are many styles for wood fences, and hogwire is one of them! With this said, many wood fences have developed a reputation for having a much shorter lifespan than a vinyl or ornamental fence. Why? Because it is a guarantee that if you use wood posts and nails to build your fence, within 10 years down the road your fence will have rotting posts and falling off boards.

The solution we have found to avoid these two most common points of failure on a wood and hogwire fence

is using steel posts instead of wood posts and using screws instead of nails. With this installation method,

you have the ability to replace just the wood for half the cost in the future. In addition, if a tree branch or vehicle happens to hit your fence, it is simple matter of backing out the screws to which ever boards are broken, and replacing them. This is a much more efficient process than what would be necessary if the fence was nailed together.



Read our reviews from previous clients!



Best company and crew I’ve had the pleasure of working with in a long time. Excellent customer service, great communication throughout entire project, knowledgeable, superb craftsmanship, and amazing end result. Thanks again!!

Ahmad, Mali

Max and his team were very professional, prompt, and responsive. They have done an incredible work doing a horizontal privacy cedar fence that is very modern and sturdy. A very reliable service that I will recommend without hesitation.
A combination of great work ethic, hard work, and lots of experience.

Ashlee, Cherne-Hendrick

If we could give Max 10 stars out of 5, we would!

Max went above and beyond at every point for us throughout our fence project. He was patient with us when we were going through a lot with our move and continued to make suggestions, even coming out twice to our house before the job to confirm the design for our fence.

Leading up to the job, we knew exactly when materials would be delivered, and Max and Jill communicated super well with us. They started the job earlier than expected, and they worked tirelessly on our job for three days. Any time they had a question, they spoke with us, but they really drove the design, and we honestly couldn’t believe how beautifully it turned out, even better than we hoped for - their craftsmanship is remarkable.

We would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a new fence or deck!

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