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St. Anthony Fence Contractor

Are you looking for the right fence contractor to fence in your St. Anthony home? Ridgeline Fence and Deck have a five-star rating on google, the highest quality materials, and the best approach to installing fences in St. Anthony with our unique driven post method that guarantees your posts will never rot or heave. 

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Local St. Anthony Fence Contractor 

Choosing a fence contractor that is located near St. Anthony is important. A local St. Anthony fence contractor should know the city regulations, zoning code, and ordinances that may apply to your unique fence installation. No two fences are the same, making it very important to understand the rules that may apply to building a fence in your yard and if a permit is necessary before construction begins. Ridgeline Fence and Deck is a short 5 minute drive to St. Anthony and builds fences all over the city each year. 


Top Rated St. Anthony Fence Contractor

Ridgeline Fence and Deck places our client experience above all else. Every step in our process from the initial conversation to the final walkthrough is geared towards providing our customers with as much information as possible on our installation process, style and design, and most importantly, answering any general questions that develop in the process. We believe having a well informed customer lends itself to the best possible contractor and client experience. This commitment to each and every homeowner we build fences for has given us hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook as a fence contractor in St. Anthony.  
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St. Anthony Fence Repair Contractor 

A popular question we are often asked is if our company offers fence repairs and the short answer is yes. We believe fence repairs are a great choice when one is saving up to be able to replace their entire fence or are planning on selling their home soon. The repair services we offer as a fence contractor in St. Anthony are post replacements and gate rebuilds. Post replacements range from $250-$500 depending on the situation, and gate rebuilds can cost from $500-$1500 in most cases. We do not recommend larger repairs than this, as they often times can cost a significant portion of the full replacement price. We also do not advocate for paying to fix your fence year after year as the price can add up quickly and never allows for a professional looking or functioning fence. 

Wood Fence Contractor In St. Anthony

As a fence contractor in St. Anthony, we build more wood fences than any other style as they provide a warmth and beauty that cannot be matched. Our horizontal design has been our most popular style given the modern touch it provides while still coming in at similar prices as its vertical counterparts like our stockade and craftsman design. 

Vinyl Fence Contractor In St. Anthony

We recommend vinyl fences for new developments, homes with newer exteriors, or for those that never want to stain a fence. We offer our vinyl fences in white, almond, and some specialty colors. Vinyl fences offer a low maintenance solution that are similar in price as wood fences. Being a fence contractor in St. Anthony, we can provide the information needed for you to make an informed decision on whether vinyl fencing is right for your home. 

Ornamental Fence Contractor In St. Anthony

Ornamental fencing in St. Anthony is a fantastic choice if you have a larger yard and want to keep costs down, privacy is not a concern, or are searching for a low maintenance option that allows airflow into your back or front yard. Ornamental fences pair well with our other fence styles, as mixed material options have become increasingly popular. For individuals looking to specifically fence in their front yard, ornamental fencing is a great option because it is in accordance with St. Anthony's fence regulations for front yards. 

City of St. Anthony Fence Contractor Information 

Ridgeline Fence and Deck would like to be a resource for you when choosing a reputable St. Anthony fence contractor. Below we have included important links that may be helpful to review prior to installing your fence. 

City of St. Anthony Website 
City of St. Anthony Fence
Installation Guidelines
City of St. Anthony Inspections
City of St. Anthony Zoning Department

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