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Hogwire fences, designed by Ridgeline Fence & Deck, exude style in a way that other types of fences can't come close to. Hogwire panels are framed inside wooden posts that not only look stunning but also provide great visibility to the people behind them. These Hogwire fence designs are ideal for anyone who wants both privacy and a beautiful plea in their backyard oasis. So if you're looking for something stylish yet practical, check out Hogwire fence designs from Ridgeline Fence & Deck today!


Metal and Wood Mix

Full Visibility 

Features Our Steel Post Technology 

100% Coated Decking Screws

Details & Specs

Height                       3 - 5 feet

Footing Depth          2 - 4 feet

Gate Sizes                 3 - 8 feet

Picket Design          Hogwire panels                  

Picket Width            4 inch openings

Gate Design            Custom hogwire design

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