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Customers Come First


Here at Ridgeline Fence & Deck we strongly believe that to provide the best possible experience for our customers we must have a company that makes the process of getting a new fence straight forward, informative, and supportive. From our consultations that walk you through design options and our build process to our no questions asked craftsmanship warranty we have you covered. 

What Sets Us Apart

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Customer Involvement

Your input is one of the most valuable parts of the process. There will more than likely be question's our team will have as we build your new fence that could benefit from your input. We encourage an open line of communication to ensure that you love the final product. 


Coated Decking Screws

We only use 100% coated decking screws in our build process while most companies use nails. With nails, the boards do not hold together properly as the wood swells and shrinks due to humidity levels. This leaves you with nailheads protruding over time, causing hazards for dogs and kids. 



We do not hire out or subcontract any jobs. This is important in order to provide consistent results for our customers. Each individual that is on the job site is an employee of Ridgeline Fence & Deck and understands the high building practices we strive for to maintain a positive experience for you the customer. 


Steel Posts

The posts that you choose to use for your new fence is a very important decision. To avoid the common problem of rotting wood posts, we have completely switched over to using steel posts with all our wood fences. Your posts will either be pounded in the ground 4-5 feet or set with a minimum of 120lb of concrete regardless of fence design or style.   

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