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Minneapolis Deck Builder

At Ridgeline Fence and Deck we specialize in lower level decks and deck reskinning. These types of projects work well within our current business model. We will work with you to design a deck that is ideal for relaxing, grilling, or entertaining friends and family. Depending on the project we can create a 3D rendering of the deck to make sure it is exactly as you pictured. 

Decking Material Choice



If you are looking for the natural beauty that is present in wood, cedar is your best option. It's rich colors and rot resistant properties have made it a popular choice for years. Cedar has a average lifespan of 15-20 years if properly maintained. 



If a zero maintenance system is what you are after, composite is going to be what you want. Composite boards are most commonly a mix of plastic and wood fibers that far outlive any type of wood deck board. They are often chosen because they do not rot, twist, or splinter like wooden boards. 


Cedar-Tone Treated

Budget conscious buyers often look towards cedar-tone treated lumber because of price point and pre-treated and stained features. It is ground contact lumber and resists rot and decay very well as it ages. 

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