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California has already blessed us with its sunshine and beautiful natural views, but now Ridgeline Fence & Deck brings California one step closer by providing the California fence. Its combination of chain link's affordability and durability along with wood's warmth provides a perfect balance to your landscape. Visibility is not an issue, as you can look through it while also allowing wind to pass freely through your yard. Who knows, maybe California's own breeze will bring you even more bliss!


Metal and Wood Mix

 Black or Galvanized Chainlink

Features Our Steel Post Technology

100% Coated Decking Screws

Details & Specs

Height                       4 - 6 feet

Footing Depth          2 - 4 feet

Gate Sizes                 3 - 8 feet

Picket Design         Chainlink                  

Picket Width            2 inch squares 

Gate Design            Custom wood design

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