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Ornamental Fence Installation Company Minnesota 

Nothing offers the open concept yet modern touch like an ornamental fence. This style is a great choice for those needing to contain their fur babies and children while maintaining the view their backyard offers. Ornamental fences keep the air flow into your yard and offer a warm, inviting touch to neighbors and family. Let's take a look at why ornamental fences are a popular choice for Minnesota homeowners

Choosing an Ornamental Fence Installation Contractor 

Ornamental fences in general can look very similar from company to company. However, there are important key differences to look for that make your new ornamental fence last longer and give you a better finished product. There are two types of aluminum ornamental fencing that can be installed, residential grade and commercial grade. We choose to install commercial grade fencing only because of its superior ability to hold up to the harsh winters we have here in Minnesota. 


Pricing of Ornamental Fences MN

Ornamental fencing tends to be the most cost effective option outside of chainlink fencing to have installed in your yard. We discontinued the installation of chainlink fencing as we found the design was on the way out and ornamental accomplishes the same criteria as chainlink fencing, but with a better looking finished product. If you would like to get a quote right now to preview a rough cost on installing an ornamental fence in your yard, click here.    

Ornamental Fence Installation Company Near You Minnesota

Ornamental Fence Designs 

Ridgeline Fence and Deck offers our commercial grade ornamental fencing in 4ft and 5ft high. If you are in the market for a more unique color or design, we can special order white and bronze as colors and spear top or other more decorative designs. All our ornamental fencing comes from Antebellum Manufacturing. Click below to learn more!


Durability of Ornamental Fences

If installed properly with high quality materials, ornamental fencing can often be the strongest style of fencing. We only use commercial grade ornamental fencing on all our residential installations to guarantee the longest life out of your new fence. What is the difference between commercial grade and residential grade aluminum fencing? The most noticeable difference for homeowners is going to be the size of the material itself. Commercial grade posts are 2.5x2.5 inches while residential grade are only 2x2 inches. The horizontal rails on commercial grade panels are 1 & 1/4 inch while residential grade are 1 inch. Lastly, commercial grade pickets are 3/4 inch while residential grade are only 1/2 inch, typically. The larger profile of the commercial grade product we install will not only look better, but last longer, and can certainly handle more wear and tear from dogs and kids. 

Aluminum Vs. Steel  For Ornamental Fencing

Aluminum and steel are the two material options that homeowners can choose from when deciding on an ornamental fence. Many believe that steel fencing is going to be their best bet if they want the longest lasting and strongest fence. This may be true in cases where you are comparing it to residential grade aluminum fencing, however, not when compared to commercial grade aluminum. Ridgeline Fence and Deck only sources commercial grade aluminum fencing. This gives our clients a panel and post system that has similar strength to that of residential grade steel fencing, but with other benefits as well. The most obvious benefit would be the dimension of the material that gives it a more bold and pronounced look. Residential grade steel fencing utilizes 2x2 inch posts, 1 inch rails, and 1/2-5/8 inch square pickets. Commercial grade aluminum fencing has 2.5x2.5 inch posts, 1 1/4 inch rails, and 3/4 inch square pickets. The other big factor for homeowners to understand is that steel is prone to rusting. Many of us here in MN see this on our vehicles as they age and anything that is made out of steel and kept outside. This is no exception for fences as the first place that develops rust is the panel to post connection brackets that are common on steel fencing. These leave unsightly streaking and only get worst as the fence weathers outside. Aluminum fencing on the other hand will not experience any rusting from moisture like steel fencing. Overall, commercial grade aluminum fencing is one of the best options for homeowners considering an ornamental fence for their property. 


Read our previous clients reviews! 


Eric, Curtin

I can't say enough about these folks. They were incredibly responsive on first contact, very professional and efficient in their first visit for the estimate, and the installation was flawless. The installers were very knowledgeable, conscientious and worked very hard, and great about keeping us informed and getting our buy-in to accommodate variables during the installation as we had some unique aspects to work with. This is a young company, however they were fantastic across the board, beginning with the estimate, continuing with the installers, and on the management end of the business. It was really refreshing to see. They deserve their 5-star rating.


Jessica, Newcomb

We have worked with countless contractors over the past 10 years and Max has been one of the best. He is responsive, communicates effectively, is receptive to questions, and performs quality work in a timely manner. Pricing was competitive and transparent. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.


Whitney, Martinez

Excellent company and competitive pricing! Max, the owner, has really put a ton of thought into updating the fence installation process and he and his crew, Anthony, Caleb, and Brandon, deliver beautiful fences. Great to work with. You do have to do your own permitting, but it was so easy as the property owner. Makes you wonder why other fencing companies charge so much for the permitting. Max listened to any and all concerns during the planning process and he worked around our schedule for the installation. The crew was punctual and worked so efficiently. Stunning work! Very happy with our fence. Highly recommended!

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