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Selecting the Right Gate Size for my Fence and Yard.

A common question from consumers in the market for a new fence is selecting the proper gate size. We are here to provide professional advice on choosing the right gate size for your yard and needs!

When selecting a gate size, it is good to consider how large or small it must be and what type of gate will be best suited for your needs. To help answer these two questions, consider the factors below.

  • How the gate will be used

  • If a vehicle/machinery must pass through the gate

  • Is there a utility easement on your property

  • Utility maintenance needs

These points help consider your current needs - however, It is important to consider future projects like landscaping, adding a shed, etc. so that you can plan accordingly on gate size.

Below are common gate sizes and typical usage.

  • A 3 foot gate is the most standard gate size. It is a great size for individuals walking through.

  • A 3.5-4 foot gate is a standard size that is large enough for walking and small machinery, such as a push lawn mower. (this is the largest recommended size for a single wood gate).

  • Gates that are 5 or 6 feet wide are great for riding lawn mowers. A 6 foot wide gate can be made from two 3 foot wide gates.

  • Most standard vehicles can fit through a 10 foot gate.

  • Larger vehicles, such as farm machinery or trailers may need a 12 foot gate.

There are many options for gate sizes and gate material. We offer vinyl, wood, aluminum, hog wire, and steel gates. Contact us to learn more on which gate is best for you.

Thanks for reading! Contact our Minneapolis fence company for any additional questions.

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Aug 25, 2023

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