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If you are looking to enclose your outdoor area as well as provide privacy and safety for kids and pets, Ridgeline Fence & Deck's stockade fence design is a great choice. Our stockade fences offer the same peace of mind as more traditional designs without breaking the bank. With custom posts and picket sizes, you can customize your stockade fence to fit your needs perfectly. Not only that, this style of fencing is one of the most durable on the market because it requires no sanding or sealing in order to preserve its look for years down the road. Invest into your outdoor living space with Ridgeline Fence & Deck and our stockade fence design today! 


Details & Specs


Classic "Dog Eared" Look

Features Our Steel Post Technology

100% Coated Decking Screws

Height                       3 - 6 feet

Footing Depth          2 - 4 feet

Gate Sizes                 3 - 8 feet

Picket Design         Overlapping - Spaced - Side by Side                  

Picket Width            2 inches - 6 Inches 

Gate Design            Matching - Custom

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