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Horizontal Fence Installation Company Minnesota

Horizontal Fences are growing in popularity because of the modern look and endlessly customizable design features. They have become our most popular style and for good reason. Explore with us the benefits and considerations when installing a horizontal fence in Minneapolis/St.Paul and surrounding metro areas. 

Discover the Ridgeline Difference for Your Next Fence Project

Watch a build overview for one of our most popular designs and see how we set ourselves apart from other companies in the Minnesota market.

Choosing a Horizontal Fence Installation Contractor 

Horizontal fences are a new style to the Minnesota market and require a higher attention to detail to have a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing finished product compared to typical vertical fences. Ridgeline Fence and Deck provides all our potential customers with photo examples of the horizontal fence style they are looking for, addresses to previously installed horizontal fence projects, and links to our Instagram and Facebook pages to help our potential client become inspired by photos of our recent projects! 


Pricing of Horizontal Fences 

Many consumers are surprised to learn horizontal fences fall close in price in comparison to their vertical counterparts. In general, our horizontal fences have similar pricing as our craftsman design and vinyl fences. Adding additional design features, such as a deck board top cap or a different width board are factors that will increase the cost the greatest. If you would like to get a quote right now to preview a rough cost on installing a horizontal fence in your yard, click here.    

Horizontal Fence Installation Company Near You Minnesota


Horizontal Fence Designs 

Horizontal fences are not only the most customizable wood fence style, but are the most common fence style in general. One of the best features with horizontal fences is the option to customize the board size and spacing to create a one of a kind design. The ability to create a privacy fence to an open and inviting option is what makes horizontal fences so appealing to homeowners.

Durability of Horizontal Fences

There is a common misconception that horizontal fences are not as durable a traditional vertical fence. However, this could not be further from the truth as we have actually found them to last longer and be stronger. How? A 6ft vertical fence panel will normally have 3 horizontal 2x4 rails with two fasteners per 2x4. This gives you 6 fasteners securing the panel on each side to the posts. A 6ft horizontal privacy fence panel has 10-12 (6 inch wide) boards that connect to the post on either side with 2 fasteners typically per board. This gives you 20-24 fasteners on each panel which is substantially more. In addition, the fasteners for vertical fences are typically toenailed in to the rail which is a much weaker connection method compared to the face screwing that is done with horizontal fences. 

Premier Fence Company for Quality Horizontal Fence Installation

Ridgeline Fence and Deck is Minnesota's preferred fence installation company, providing innovative fence installation processes and dedication to all our clients. As a top-rated fence company in the Metropolitan area, we are proud to serve homeowners throughout the area with a variety of fencing options, including wood, vinyl, and ornamental.

Horizontal Fence Financing Options

The cost of a new residential or commercial fence in Minnesota varies on a variety of factors and can be substantial. At Ridgeline Fence and Deck, we offer fence financing from Sunlight Financial with loan terms that extend as long as 10 years. Talk with our team today to review our loan options and discover the options that may allow you to get your new horizontal fence right away

Horizontal Fence Installation  

Each foreman and crew member are employees of Ridgeline Fence and Deck and are covered under our payroll, insurance, and workers compensation. Our fence installation crews are trained professionals and understand the high building practices we implement to maintain a positive experience for you the customer. On the day of installation, your crew lead will walk through the entire project with you to review the fence layout, style/design, and any nuanced details that are important to capture within the build. During installation, we review our progress with you and ensure your fence project stays on course and make sure we are installing a fence that matches or exceeds your expectations. 

Horizontal Fence Builder 

As a local Horizontal fence builder, we offer fence building services that ensure you get a fence that delivers an unmatched combination of strength, lifetime warranty, and quality. Our team of professionals will guarantee your fence meets the fence requirements for your respective city. We are the top-rated fence company in Minnesota trusted by homeowners and would love the opportunity to earn your business. 

Horizontal Fence Company

You need a fence company that provides high quality fences and superior warranty at affordable prices. Ridgeline Fence and Deck is the preferred Minnesota fence Installation company because of our dedication to all our clients, innovative fence installation processes, and lifetime warranty on our steel posts. Our team includes professional, highly trained fence installers that are equally passionate about providing you a new fence that is strong, beautiful, and guaranteed to last. To maintain this positive experience for you and homeowners all around the Metropolitan area, we partner with you at each stage of your fence project. We truly want you to be apart of the process. There are more than likely going to be questions from us as we construct and design your fence that could benefit from your input. Encouraging an open line of communication is how we feel we will produce the finished product you are picturing with quality customer service to match.

Contact Your Trusted Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Metropoliatan Fence Contractor Today

For expert fence installation and repair services in Minneapolis MN, trust Ridgeline Fence and Deck. Call us today at 612-868-4879 or click below for an instant quote!


Read what clients we have previously installed horizontal fences for have to say!


Michelle, Tong

I really enjoyed working with Max and his team. They were quick, professional, and easy to work with. Very competitive pricing. The installation of my California chain link was quick and took literally a day. Max and his team were also willing to come do help me with small fixes (like when a gate latch broke) long after the installation. WORK WITH THEM!!


Jeff, Hertzberg

Fantastic experience with Max Wiczek and team at Ridgeline Fence, building a beautiful new cedar fence to match our original narrow-slat one for our 1917 home. Max came in on-budget and on-time, with great people all around. It took some doing to customize the slats, and Max had no problem with that. Also, the gates travel perfectly (these galvanized steel posts are rock-solid).


Lisa, Holden

Max and crew were very professional from beginning to end. They took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. Quick response time to my calls and text messages and provided me with updates on timelines. We had just got a new puppy who needed a fenced in yard and they were able to still work us in before winter. Our bernadoodle is very happy now to roam free! Amazing quality workmanship. Thank you!

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