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What Should I Know About Property Lines Before Installing a Fence?

Fencing in your yard can be a great way to establish where your property line ends and your neighbor’s begins, as well as achieve privacy and secureness. Below are frequently asked questions regarding property lines you may want to consider before hiring a professional fence company to build your fence or putting up a fence yourself.

Do I need a property survey before installing a new fence?

Many cities have different requirements, it is important to do your due diligence and research the requirements needed within your city limit. However, in the event the city you live in does not require property surveys before installing a new fence, it is highly recommended to obtain one if you are unsure on where your property line truly is as it will diminish the possibility of your new fence being over or in on your property and any other potential issues with the fence placement.

How close to the property line can I build my new fence?

Fences are commonly built 1-4 inches from the property line. In some areas, you may be allowed to build the fence directly on the property line in which it would be recommended to communicate with your neighbors and ensure everyone is aware and in agreement as fences on property lines are typically a shared responsibility between neighbors and you may be equally responsible for the upkeep and cost of the fence. If, however, you or your neighbor place a fence on or over the property line without any agreement, legal action can be taken by the homeowners. This is why obtaining property surveys, researching your city requirements, and communicating with your neighbors is recommended to avoid any future issues.

Can I build a fence near my neighbors fence?

A common question we get from consumers that currently have a yard surrounded by fences from their neighbors is, “am I allowed to put up my own fence?” Typically, if your neighbor(s) have a fence surrounding your yard it is completely okay to put up your own fence. However, it is advantageous to obtain a property survey to ensure your new fence is within your property or to determine if one of the surrounding fences is on your property.

In summary, before installing your new fence, we recommend discussing the project with neighbors to ensure no future problems arise, research your city requirements, and obtain a property survey to ensure your new fence is on your property. As a leading fence contractor team in the Twin Cities metro area, our team encourages you to contact us as soon as you are thinking about your new fence. We will happily assist you with every aspect of planning, materials, and construction.

Thanks for reading! Contact our Minneapolis fence company with any additional questions.

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Aug 25, 2023

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