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Wood Fence Installation Company Minnesota 

Wood Fences will always be a traditionally timeless option with so many design options to choose from. Let's look at the different considerations when choosing a contractor to install a wood fence in your Minnesota backyard.

Choosing a Wood Fence Installation Contractor 

Wood fences more than any other style have the largest variety of installation methods. This is because they have been around the longest and will certainly not be going anywhere any time soon. With the prices of all fences rising year after year, it is important to pick a company that utilizes the latest technology when installing wood fences to guarantee your fence will last more than just 10 years. Ridgeline Fence and Deck installs steel posts covered in cedar to make sure your fence posts will not rot, which is the most common reason wood fences need replacing. In addition, we use screws instead of nails because nails will pull apart from the boards as temperature and humidity levels change throughout the seasons. This is most prevalent in northern states like Minnesota because of the drastically different seasons we are blessed with throughout the year. 


Pricing of Wood Fences 

Ridgeline Fence and Deck installs any height, design, and style of wood fencing one could want. Because of this, there is a huge variance in what one can expect to pay. To make it simple, the more boards and the more detailed the fence looks, generally the more it will end up costing. Our stockade design tends to be more cost effective than say our craftsman or horizontal design because it does not have as many trim boards which saves on labor and materials.  If you would like to get a quote right now to preview a rough cost on installing a wood fence in your yard, click here.    

Wood Fence Installation Company Near You Minnesota

Wood Fence Designs 

Our five main fence designs are stockade, craftsman, horizontal, hogwire, and california. Within each design, there are countless ways to customize the fence and make it one of kind for your yard. You have the option to adjust the height, board sizing, and board spacing on most designs. With our craftsman and horizontal design, changing the board sizes can make a big difference in appearance. With these two designs, you also have the option to add a deck board top cap which can really pull a fence together while increasing the durability.


Durability of Wood Fences

Wood fences have developed a reputation for having a much shorter lifespan than a vinyl or ornamental fence. Why? Because it is a guarantee that if you use wood posts and nails to build your fence, within 10 years down the road your fence will have rotting posts and falling off boards. 

The solution we have found to avoid these two most common points of failure on a wood fence is using steel posts instead of wood posts and using screws instead of nails. With this installation method, you have the ability to replace just the wood for half the cost in the future. In addition, if a tree branch or vehicle happens to hit your fence, it is simple matter of backing out the screws to which ever boards are broken, and replacing them. This is a much more efficient process than what would be necessary if the fence was nailed together. 


Read our previous clients reviews! 


Christopher, Smith

Max and his team built a high quality 300’ custom cedar fence for us that looks terrific. They were prompt, professional, and great communicators. We are extremely pleased with the experience and the results. We highly recommend this company!


Justin, Burgod

Max and his team were fantastic to work with! From the first point of contact to the completion of the project, everything was well communicated and efficient. The galvanized steel posts are genius… no more rotted fence posts!


Carol, Anderson

Maxwell and his crew did a great job installing our backyard fence! Max was great at communicating with us after we decided on his company and his crew were all very professional. They came early a.m. and completed the task in one day. I would highly recommend Maxwell and his crew. Their pricing was competitive.

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